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How long does it take you to make a costume?

That would depend on the costume! A simple tunic may only take a week to make and a full sac back gown almost a month so bear this in mind when you are planning. All projects I take on have to be slotted into my diary and if it's a busy period with multiple projects, then it could be much longer. I normally ask for at least 3 months notice for a full costume but if you're in a hurry, send me a message incase I can squeeze it in!!

How much do your costumes cost?

I purposely don't put a price list on my website as each project can be so different and creating a 'one-size-fits-all' price list isn't reasonable. Lots of things affect the price of the costume but mainly you are paying for my time to construct + materials + trims, decorations and other components. Do remember though that I don't charge for consultations, alterations or designs as we go along so you won't ever need to worry about hidden costs! Materials alone can be expensive and if you are looking for a silk ballgown, it may be £150 before we've even started! Be honest though if you have a budget and you need to stick to it. Or you're very welcome to hunt down your own fabric to keep tabs on how much you've spent. Payment plans are available.

Do you make historically accurate costumes for re-enactment?

Yes I do, if you need them to be! I create germents using only the straight seams on the sewing machine and all other finishes such as seams and buttonholes are done by hand. Let me know at the designing stages though as historically accurate garments will cost a little more due to the extra time hand sewing but well worth it if you are looking for historical perfection.

I live quite far away and can't come for a fitting, can you make it from measurements alone?

I'm afraid not- measuring and fitting sessions are essential! I offer a made-to-measure service and it's very difficult to create a garment to fit perfectly without a fitting. If you have 3 people, all with the same measurements, their body shapes would still be different and this can be based on their skeleton shape, muscle shape, body fat etc. I am happy to make garments to a standard size without a fitting but I can't be held responsible if it isn't a perfect fit or needs alterations and this will be written into the contract. 

Will you need a deposit?

Yes please! I ensure that no projects are started until a 50% deposit is paid up front to cover the costs of materials and components. This will also need to be alongside a signed contract to ensure you are 100% happy with the design and construction details. This gives you a full peace of mind about the garment I'm creating and that nothing has been left out. The remaining 50% and the cost of the materials will need to be paid before the garment is collected or posted. This deposit is non-refundable and will need to be paid either via direct debit or in person using my card machine.

Do you make fancy dress?

I'm afraid not. My costumes are created to professional industry standards and not for fancy dress. Materials and construction time are just too expensive for a fancy dress and I'm unwilling to create any garment whose quality I'm not proud of!


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