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Sewing lessons


I offer a range of sewing classes on a one-to one basis for beginner, intermediate and advanced level workshops as well as a special option for parties (at an alternate venue). This can be fantastic for hen parties to make wedding bunting! If there's something special you're hoping to make, I can be very flexible and plan lessons around your needs. Lessons are £25 per hour and include basic materials and equipment for beginners.

Rebecca Jones 

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Allana, is a fantastic tutor, having been thrown out of needlework classes in school in the late 70's, trying again 20 yrs ago where I successfully made a decent skirt for myself (I think by sheer luck), something of those lessons at school must of stuck!! Allana taught me so much on my first 3 hour lesson, how to use my sewing machine (I'd forgotten totally), different stitching (what best stitching to use for different garments etc), button holes, bias binding, making bunting - My target in time - I want to be fabulous at sewing, being able to make my own garments & alter clothes. Allana has given me the confidence to work towards this. It was the best 3 hours I've spend in many years, came away with a smile on my face. Seeing her in a couple more weeks, this will be continued until I reach my goal. Book - you will not be disappointed!

Jane Close 

With very limited knowledge of sewing, I had my first 3 hour lesson with Allana a few weeks ago. I was absolutely amazed at how much I learned in such a short space of time. Allana is an amazing tutor, patient, so knowledgeable and highly skilled in her field. She showed me some of her work, which is just unbelievable. Since I started with Allana, I've made bunting, bags, curtains, cushion covers and am now making a dress for my Sisters' wedding, (under Allana's supervision!)

Highly recommended, thank you so much. :)

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