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The Pinched Waist- A talk on the history of corsetry | Allana Marsh

The Pinched Waist

Dive into the past with me as we explore the world of period corsetry. Looking at the last 300 years of corsetry we look at why women wore them, what damage did they do and were they really comfortable?! I bring along historical replicas to try on, compare and discuss how they feel and for a few hours, bring historical fashion to life.

I'm currently writing and devising new talks to add to the collection. If there's an era, person or aspect of historical fashion you'd like to discover in a talk, please feel free to contact me as I'm always happy to create new talks!


Talks are £200 + travel costs. 

If you have a theme or topic you'd like me to create a talk or workshop about, do get in touch and let me know! 

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