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I offer a free, no-obligation design consultation as an initial step for any enquiry. This can be arranged to suit a convenient time including evenings and weekends.


If you are looking for a make, it is always best to bring along a reference point whether it is a photo, drawing or a similar idea. I cut all my own patterns for any make so please remember that size and height is never an issue! 


During the consultation, we can work on the design of your desired garment, looking through my selection of fabric samples to get an idea of the fabric needed as well as discussing trims and other finishing touches. From here I'll be able to give you a quote for your garment and if we need to cut costs, don't be afraid to ask! I can easily suggest tweeks to the design or alternate materials to make that quote more suitable.


At this point I'll take a series of measurements. There will be a lot of them but this is how I create a perfectly fitted item! All measurements are taken in the strictest confidence and fully-clothed. It's best if you're wearing comfortable but not loosely fitting items so that I can make my measurements as accurate as possible. 


If you'd like to go ahead and have your design created, get in touch and I'll start working my magic!


The sewing room
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