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Bespoke tutu making

Within the costuming world, professional tutu making seems to be becoming a lost art. For a long time, it's been a goal of mine to train and become a tutu maker so after attending a course a few summers back, I've finally done so! 


Feel free to ask any questions you have about a specific design. I've tried to keep my prices fair as I understand no-one wants to spend copious amounts on a tutu for growing girls but my prices do reflect the quality and high level of work that goes into each tutu. All structured tutus will be able to be let out by several inches and are made to the standard of a professional costumier.

Please note that I only create bespoke made-to-measure tutu's for my clients and the costs include any fittings or alterations that may be needed during the process. Because of this, I do not create tutu's for clients overseas or those who are unable to attend a fitting.

The process for tutu making will initially begin with a design consultation where we can talk through ideas, look at materials, take measurements and from this, I will draw your unique design. Feel free to bring along ideas or references for us to use but I prefer not to create a 'direct copy' of another tutu. I will then be able to give you an exact price for your creation and if you choose to go ahead, I start to work my magic!

All structured tutus start at £450 with decorations and trims charged as extra.

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